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The full benefit of clogs can only be accomplished if the top fits your foot properly. We believe that when it does, you can walk all day without gripping with your toes to keep the clogs on, making this a very therapeutically correct and comfortable shoe. Our proprietary clog sizes are made exclusively for Clogmaster by Sven Clogs, and allow us to give you a proper fitting clog.

Sven uses the best materials in their clogs. The bases are from Austria and the leathers from the United States. They are individually handcrafted in Minnesota to your custom fit. he wood base is light weight with a non-skid sole, and they offer good arch support and absorbency. Clogmaster clogs provide great support for anyone who stands for extended periods of time.

In clogs you will find that you will feel comfortable being elevated a couple of inches off the ground. The therapeutically formed wooden base allows you to stand upright and re-aligns your body. You can never demolish wood to any bad standing or walking patterns, benefiting your feet, knees, and lower back.



Clogmaster was founded and developed by Cecilia Tidlund. Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, Cecilia arrived in America in 1976 planning to sell clogs wholesale and share her vast knowledge of clogs. After all, clogs had been worn for decades in kitchens and hospitals throughout Europe and Scandinavia. Cecilia was not put off when told Americans would not buy shoes for form and fit, they were focused on fashion. Fortunately, she did not listen and Clogmaster has been selling high quality professional shoes for over 35 years. Cecilia sold the business in 2015 and is currently enjoying her retirement.

For years Doctor’s sent their patients to Cecilia at her store on La Cienga Blvd. knowing she would properly fit their patients and they would find help for their foot, ankle, knee and hip problems with a rigid sole, rocker bottom clog. After leaving Los Angeles in 2008, Cecilia continued to take care of her many clients with annual trips to Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Chicago. Cecilia has been featured in numerous publications, including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Observer Magazine, and KPCC Radio with Madeline Brand. She has fit Wolfgang Puck, Nancy Silverton and Thomas Keller for clogs, along with many other famous names. Nearly militant in her passion about properly fitted shoes, she was quick to let customers know her thoughts on their current non-Clogmaster footwear. Some of her favorite sayings: “Don’t wear shoes you can wring like a rag” Or “Wearing flip flops is like doing high impact aerobics without a bra.”

Cecilia believes that the full benefit of clogs can only be accomplished if the top fits your foot properly, this requires an in person fitting. At Clogmaster we contine to offer individual fittings, to find your individual Clogmaster size. Cheap, bad-fitting shoes can throw out your back and hurt your knees, and hips. At Clogmaster we still believe what you put on your feet shouldn’t be a problem; it should be the answer to the problem.

About Stacey Sanchez and Dave Welling

Stacey and Dave are the current and only second owners of Clogmaster. They live in Orange County, CA with their two kids Hollis and Fletcher, and two dogs Elvis and Ruby. Ruby the Clog dog on Instagram. They were in the market for a business acquisition when they learned about Clogmaster from a feature article in the Los Angeles Times. They traveled to Portland to meet Cecilia and try out the clogs. Immediately impressed, they set about learning the business from Cecilia. Cecilia passed on her sizing secrets, and the sizing history of all her past fitted customers when she sold the business to Dave & Stacey. They moved the business back to Southern California and launched the Clogmaster truck in September 2016. They plan to continue with trips to New York and San Francisco, and will be traveling to various sites in Southern California in their mobile retail truck. Stacey & Dave are very excited to carry-on the tradition of providing professional shoes, properly fitted.

Dave ‘s background is in Industrial Engineering, he worked 27 years for a large manufacturing company, at various levels of responsibility. Originally from the St. Louis area, Dave received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Missouri – Columbia. Dave enjoys Yoga, backpacking, music events and spending time with his family, friends and dogs.

Stacey’s background is in small business finance and economic development. She is an experienced SBA lender and still works part time for a private non-profit as a SBA loan officer. Stacey has been a small business advocate for over 20 years. Originally from Fresno, CA she received her BS from CSU Northridge. She enjoys reading, crafting, cooking and spending time with her family, friends and dogs.